Ratchet Blade Media has launched a new Gothic Americana website that is dedicated to the genre. GothicAmericana.com is a collective that will feature the best in Gothic Americana music, art, film, literature and much more. The music end will lean heavily on the darkest country, blues, bluegrass, jazz and Cajun bands, as well as soundtracks and musicals. Film and literature will sway towards modern releases, as well as historical works, and there will be artwork from the many different forms in the style. To visit the site, click HERE.

Ratchet Blade Media sprung out of Ratchet Blade Records, itself a force in the Dark Roots genre, and has previously launched GothicWestern.com, SouthernGothicBible.com and CowboyToCowboy.com.

Gothic Americana Website

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club.

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